GP ReCyko+ 1300mAh AA

GP ReCyko+ 1300mAh AA-GP Batteries Hong Kong

GP ReCyko+ 1300mAh AA


GP ReCyko+ rechargeable batteries are all round, powerful and suitable for a wide range of applications. These models stay in power over time and can be recharged for 1000 times. The broad range ensures a proper solution for every situation at all times.
Ideal for a wide range applications :
remote control, clock, radio, electronic scale

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Benefits :
• Money saving (1 x ReCyko+ = Up to 1000 single-use batteries
• Guaranteed for 6 years or 1000 recharges, whichever comes first
• Ready to use, precharged

• Holds power up to 80% after 1 year once fully charged
• Recharged by GP Charger for the best performance
• Cost saving and environmentally friendly