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GP Charger PB50 - w/ ReCyko+ 2000mAh AA

GP PowerBank PB50 + CHARGE & SAVE-ReCyko+ (1=1000) 2000mAh AA batteries-GP Batteries Hong Kong

GP Charger PB50 - w/ ReCyko+ 2000mAh AA


To catch up with the fast-moving hi-tech world, we created a complete range of intelligent PREMIUM and FAST charging PowerBanks for the more professional and rechargeable battery. Ultra fast, safe and smart charging functions serve the entire needs of intensive users for high energy demanding devices like digital cameras, game controllers and other digital gadgets.


AC Battery Charger – PB50
- Compact charger with AC cord
- Charge 1 to 4 AA or AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries
- Equipped with 4 individual charging channels
- Termination methods:
- Individual minus delta voltage (-dV)
- Individual temperature sensor
- Individual safety timer
- Over-temperature protection
- Primary and damaged batteries detection
- Easy check LED icons
- Battery ejector
- Safety guaranteed


CHARGE & SAVE-ReCyko+ (1=1000) batteries AA 2000mAh
This ReCyko+ Rechargeable Battery equals to 1000 Single-use Batteries
* Can be recharged 1000 times#
* Ready to use, precharged, AA 2000mAh