An alkaline battery that helps you enjoy more memorable moments

Make life memorable with below 3 ways


Who would have thought a little alkaline battery could brighten up everyday life and make it more memorable and enjoyable? Having the right 2A and 3A batteries running in your electrical devices can help you get more out of every minute of every day.

Bring ambience to life for longer!

If you’re looking to make the most out of a space on a small budget, fairy lights are the perfect way to get started. When you get home after a long day, as soon as those lights blink on your cozy haven comes to life, projecting a perfect atmosphere for the home at night. How do you make all those twinkling lights last a lot longer? Use the brand-new, improved alkaline battery from GP for your fairy lights to maximize the ambience!

Find the right partner for your toy

Nowadays, kids spend a lot of time using devices with screens. It’s a good idea to take breaks and let them rediscover the dynamic and entertaining experiences that interactive toys provide. Parents can take a rest while letting their children play for hours with these kinds of toys. However, if a remote-control battery suddenly runs out of power while they are having a great time, fun times can take a quick turn. Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect solution: the newest alkaline batteries from GP, which provide a super-long-lasting play experience for energy-intensive devices.

A thoughtful present for your family

The hustle and bustle of everyday life makes it hard for us to always be there to take good care of our elderly relatives and friends as much as we would like. A blood pressure monitor is an important device to have around to check on their health. And it’s even more important that it has battery power when you need it. Remember to install blood pressure monitor batteries at the same time for optimal battery usage so that even when you can’t be there, it will always be able to monitor their health.

GP has always gone above and beyond to provide our customers with outstanding experiences. The newly introduced improved Ultra+ alkaline battery series incorporates the brand-new G-TECH, four significant technical advancements, and increases power by 200%*. Using high-density Zinc S powder and high purity graphite in multiple ring cores, combined with innovative different thickness structure and patented leakage prevention, the result is power that’s more durable, whatever it is used for. The design of the unique nylon sealing ring prevents battery leakage, providing a safe battery that children and family members can trust and rely on.

*In the electrical performance test under the simulated high-power discharge mode, the average discharge time is up to 200% compared to the minimum average discharge time of IEC 60086-2: 2021.