Camping is always one of the best choices to get away from the big city. No matter what season it is, there’s nothing like the feeling of having a piping hot feast on a mountain side under the stars and reconnecting with nature.

Finding a right spot to set up a tent, walking along the countryside to explore nature's jaw-dropping scenery, creating long-lasting and wonderful memories… Whether you are going on your own or with a companion, camping has been everyone's favourite kind of "travel" recently.

Staying vigilant and hygienic is of vital importance to our camping journeys nowadays. But on top of that, the joy of camping also depends on one crucial thing - whether you remember to bring along everything you need. We’ve all been there where we forgot to bring something essential for outdoor activities and it ended up ruining the experience. We absolutely do not want that to happen again.

You can always easily search for a checklist for camping from the Internet. It reminds you to bring things like a tent, sunglasses, a cap and water. It also helps you remember to bring sufficient power supplies like batteries and portable chargers. Yet, checking the battery levels of all kinds of items before you start off your journey and carrying a large pack of batteries and chargers can be troublesome. But all you really need is an all-in-one power solution – the GP Charge AnyWay.

GP Charge AnyWay is now here for you!

GP Charge AnyWay acts as a portable USB Battery Charger as well as an Emergency PowerBank. When you go camping, some things require batteries and some need power charging. This 2-in-1 solution covers all your power needs and takes care of all your devices.

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gp charge anyway - usb battery charger

USB Battery Charger

We use up a lot more batteries when we go camping. With GP Charge AnyWay, you will never have to worry about a power shortage caused by devices that quickly drain your batteries. Acting as a compact USB Battery Charger, it can power your rechargeable batteries and help you maintain a continuous power supply. From now on, you can use your devices as freely as you wish.

gp charge anyway - emergency powerbank

Emergency PowerBank

One of our biggest fears is to see the smartphone or other mobile gadgets going flat. GP Charge AnyWay can liberate you from such anxiety about a power crisis. Simply insert a set of four batteries to convert it into an Emergency PowerBank. You will never again run out of power during your outdoor activities.

gp charge anyway - charge anyway, anyhow

Charge anyway, anyhow

Don’t panic even if you don’t have rechargeable batteries on hand. Compatible with single-use alkaline batteries, GP Charge AnyWay puts you in charge anytime, anywhere and serves as your best emergency tool.

OK, so now you have your GP Charge AnyWay put on the top of your camping checklist, what other essential camping gears should you prepare? Check the list below and get ready for the serenity of nature.

camping essentials to survive a power emergency - headlamp

1. Lighting

No one will disagree that light is of utmost importance for camping. A bright and durable headlamp illuminates your field of view and directs your way in the dark. It is also a good option if you want to leave your hands to carry other things.

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camping essentials to survive a power emergency - portable usb fan

2. Portable USB fan

You may wonder whether it is necessary to bring a fan to camping in this cool weather. But don’t forget about the strenuous activities you will do like a hike, an outdoor stroll and all kinds of sports-oriented camping games. You might very well work up a sweat. A portable USB fan helps cool you down and keep you in a good mood.

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camping essentials to survive a power emergency - bluetooth speaker

3. Bluetooth Speaker

Feeling tired at night after a series of outdoor activities but don’t want to go to sleep yet? It’s time to stay at the campsite and have your own little party. A bluetooth speaker delivers endless high-quality music and creates a background for you to enjoy a moment of relaxation and ease.

camping essentials to survive a power emergency - first-aid kit

4. First-aid kit

Emergencies don’t just happen in the form of a power shortage, but also in forms of scratches, scrape wounds and bug bites. A first-aid kit gives you safety and security by providing an array of tools including bandages, alcohol and medications to assess and treat a great variety of injuries.