Types of Batteries – What Battery to Use? Most Families Are Not Choosing the Right Battery for These Devices.

Pair your electronics with the correct type of batteries


Most people do not know how much their life depends on batteries until they are running out of fresh batteries in their home. Have you been finding yourself frustrating over yet another device running out of battery again? And you swear you had just changed the batteries not long ago, a few days, maybe just a few hours ago. If this is you, you are probably using the wrong kind of battery for you devices. Make sure you read till the end, and thank us later.

Rechargeable Batteries vs. Single-use Batteries

Although throw-away alkaline batteries usually start with a stronger voltage, rechargeable batteries maintain their voltage for a longer time, whereas non-rechargeables lose their voltage abruptly when the energy is running out. Recyko rechargeable batteries can recharge and reuse up to 1500 times or 6 years* while replaceable batteries are disposable after just a single use. Undeniably rechargeable batteries have their perks, but that does not mean it is always the best option for your device.

*Recyko Recyko Pro batteries, whichever comes first.

How Power-consuming are Our Devices?

To find out about this, you will need to know your devices’ runtime. Runtime refers to the individual session beginning with a charged battery and ending with that battery depleted. For example a camera flashlights at maximum brightness can provide 120 minutes of illumination.

Low-drain Devices vs High-drain Devices

Low-drain Devices

Electronics that draw low amounts of energy slowly but constantly — for example, clocks, headlamps, or bike lights. These devices will be more suitable with disposable alkaline batteries. As explained, alkaline batteries initiate with a higher voltage, the power output dips faster than that of rechargeable batteries but the power output is relatively stable. On the contrary, a rechargeable battery may hang on at a lower voltage longer, resulting in unpredictable behaviour such as dimming lights or a clock that does not keep time.

High-drain Devices

High-drain devices are power-hungry electronic devices that need a constant and large amount of power over a short period of time. Rechargeable batteries are preferred over alkaline ones for these devices, because of the batteries’ faster recovery times between usage. Here are some examples of what household devices are more compatible with rechargeable batteries and how it will save your family both the hassle and the money:

Why Should Your Change to Rechargeable Batteries

Household Essentials

Batteries are an integral part of our everyday routine, we need them as earlier as in your morning routine, From electrical tooth brush, to travel shaver, these personal hygiene gadgets are the best starting point to switch to rechargeable batteries, as they are mid-high-drain gadgets that experience continuous use every single day (and night). Finally, you don’t have to spend as much money over toothbrushes anymore.


You know how your kids are when they are hooked with their shiny new electrical toys - they are inseparable. For an average electric remote-controlled toy car, it runs for between 15-30 minutes with full batteries. If your children play with their toy car every day for 15 minutes, then you will need at least 2 fresh batteries daily. Are they only going to play with it for 15 minutes though? You know better! This is where Recyko come in, you might as well just switch to rechargeable batteries which you can get +1,000 or more charges out of instead of buying 1000 disposable batteries.

Kids’ Learning and Growth

Kid education used to be just paper and pens but this is no longer the case! With the progression of technology, kids nowadays are learning through numerous electrical STEM gadgets and on computer using wireless mouse, these power hungry gadget will benefit from using rechargeable batteries and you finally save the hassle of bulk purchasing tons of batteries to stock up for your kids. And yep, these gadgets will work just as well!

A Weekend Family Outing

When going on a day trip, of course you will need your camera to capture the memory with your loved ones, and to be able to take nice pictures, a camera flashlight is key. Because of its fast recovery nature of rechargeable batteries, a camera flashlight will recycle faster using rechargeable batteries over an alkaline. Don’t forget to pack your torch too, torch is one of the biggest consumers of battery energy outside of the cell phone. Rechargeable batteries are the perfect energy source for it without the waste of single-used batteries.

At any point in your life, if you had ever struggled with the inconvenience of using throw-away batteries, or had doubt about the environmental impact caused by disposable batteries, this is your sign to make the switch and experience not only the improvement of your devices’ performance but also an easier, happier family life and a cleaner planet. Explore Recyko, our range of rechargeable batteries and performance chargers now.