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    GP x Minions

    BA-NA-NA! The Minions are taking over the town! Minions know how important it is to stay fuelled up and ready for any challenge, so this banana-loving tribe is ready to help out when you need to feed your power-hungry devices. When batteries run low, GP "BA-NA-NA" is the energy-rich banana that gives your devices hours of extra battery life.
    GP "BA-NA-NA" Qi Wireless Charging Pad 10W
    $179.00 $229.00 saving $50.00
    GP "BA-NA-NA" 5000mAh PowerBank – Banana Chocolate
    GP "BA-NA-NA" 5000mAh PowerBank – Milk Chocolate
    Limited Edition GP ''BA-NA-NA" USB Charger Bundle U411
    Limited Edition GP ''BA-NA-NA" Batteries AA-GP Batteries Hong Kong
    Limited Edition GP ''BA-NA-NA" Batteries AAA-GP Batteries Hong Kong
    Limited Edition GP x Minions USB Charger Bundle U211 with free Minions keychain