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Can I recycle single-use batteries in Hong Kong?
Recycling disposable batteries has far fewer economic and environmental benefits than recycling rechargeable batteries so the Hong Kong government do not recycle single-use batteries.
How long do lithium or alkaline batteries last, and how can I maximize their lifespan?
The lifespan of single-use batteries varies depending on the type and brand of the battery, as well as the device in which it is used. To maximize the lifespan of a battery, you should store it in a cool, dry place and remove it from devices when they are not in use.
What is the difference between alkaline and lithium batteries?
Alkaline batteries are less expensive but have a shorter lifespan, while lithium batteries are more expensive but have a longer lifespan and perform better in extreme temperatures. Therefore, alkaline batteries are good for everyday use, from remote controllers to smart door locks and more, alkaline batteries can easily fit your various daily needs. Lithium batteries last longer, being pocket-sized and having a high voltage; they are best for car keys and smart home devices, especially in compact sizes or other high-drain devices.
Can you use lithium batteries in place of alkaline batteries?
Alkaline and lithium batteries are interchangeable but it is important to check the voltage and ampere range for each application before interchanging.
With options of alkaline, carbon zinc and lithium batteries, GP single use batteries help you to get the most out of your devices with reliable optimal power. Best use in electrical toys, lights, flashlights, remotes and countless devices beyond your imagination.
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