GP Ultra Plus Alkaline Battery AAA

GP Ultra Plus Alkaline Battery AAA

GP Ultra Plus Alkaline Battery AAA

gp ultra plus alkaline battery
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Meet the new & improved Ultra+ Alkaline range. Unleash up to 150% more power*, driven by G-TECH technology. G-TECH harnesses 4 game-changing innovation breakthroughs to deliver more power for longer durations and more memorable moments. Enjoy stronger, more consistent, more powerful energy flow in your high-drain battery-powered devices and smart home devices today!

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  • +150% more power*
  • Introducing G-TECH: a powerful new technology comprising high-power density Zinc S powder and high-purity graphite in multiple rings at its power core. Feel the energy flow from within for longer than ever before, giving you more time and more power and more time to make the most of every moment.

*up to 150% more power in home medical application vs ANSI (C18.1M PART 1-2021 Edition) MAD​

What is G-TECH?

G-TECH unleashes 4 powerful breakthroughs:

High density Zinc S powder in the power core provides fast, potent power generation and improved performance. The multi-ring core with high purity graphite enhances electrical conductivity and preserves power for use over longer periods of time.

Difference Thickness Technology and tough, corrosion-proof steel with a streamlined design increase capacity of reactive materials for higher power generation. Patented leak prevention means that even under the most extreme conditions, the second beading and durable corrosion-proof design keep the battery safe – further strengthened by leak-proof and anti-expansion protection. A patented nylon sealing ring and durable corrosion-proof design ensure long-term battery storage while preventing battery leakage.

Sustainable paper packaging.

We're making sustainability a priority, finding ways to better protect our environment by reducing waste. Which is why we devoted thousands of hours to designing a simple and sustainable packaging design that is paper and soy ink-based. This not only reduces plastic usage, it also makes our packs better for recycling.

We're also devoted to innovating a better product experience by offering intuitive, resealable packs that are easier to stack, store and re-use.

Performance with more power. Enhanced and extended.

The new & improved Ultra+ Alkaline range is ready to power up your everyday moments. The Ultra+ range is a great choice for all your high battery draining devices, like: 

  • Smart home devices like e-locks and smart door bells
  • High-power motorized toys and remote controlled vehicles
  • Video game controllers, wireless keyboards and other gaming gear
  • Home medical devices like blood pressure monitors 
  • Powerful outdoor torch lights, camping lanterns and more