Recyko Speed NiMH Battery Charger (USB) W431

Recyko Speed NiMH Battery Charger (USB) W431

Using the Recyko Speed Charger W431, you may rest assured to fully charge two 2100mAh AA batteries within 2.5 hours. The compact charger has a built-in battery management system that enables you to store and identify charged and uncharged batteries effortlessly.

In the box: Recyko Speed Charger W431 (Battery not included), USB cable, Instruction manual

  • USB Charger
  • Dimension: Approx. 78.8 (L) x 68.9(W) x 23.5(H)mm
  • Weight: Approx. 81g
  • No. of slots / Channels: 4 / 2
  • 2 LED indicators
    - Green LED ON for 0.5 second after just USB power input
    - Charging in progress: Green LED slow flashing
    - Fully charged: Green LED ON
    - Bad/Single-use Batteries inserted: Green LED fast flash
    - Input voltage warning (< 4.3V or > 5.5V): Green LED fast flash in all LEDs
  • Output Voltage / Charging Current
    -D.C. 2.8V / 900mA (for 2pcs AA Size)
-D.C. 2.8V / 450mA (for 4pcs AA Size)
-D.C. 2.8V / 400mA (for 2pcs AAA Size)
-D.C. 2.8V / 300mA (for 4pcs AAA Size)
  • USB power input: D.C. 5V / 1A
  • Charge time (input D.C. 5.0V 1.0A min., 2pcs of batteries):
    - 2100mAh AA battery – About 150 min.
    - 850mAh AAA battery – About 150 min.
  • Safety protection:
    - Timer protection
    - 5 hours (for 2pcs of batteries)
    - 10 hours (for 4pcs of batteries)
    - dV full charge detection
  • Switch and save

    By using rechargable batteries instead of constantly buying new single-use batteries, you’ll save spending on thousands of batteries.

    Green homes, green world

    Go sustainable by switching to Recyko! With an over 94% recyclable plastic-free packaging, we aim to contribute to reducing harmful e-waste and saving the environment! Let's recycle, recharge, and reduce waste!

    Charging made safe

    The automatic cut-off feature ensures over-charging or overheating never happens. Feel safe knowing Recyko Battery Chargers have been tested and certified to comply with international safety standards.

    More speed, less waiting!

    The battery charger knows how many batteries are being charged, and redirects power from empty charger slots for a faster recharge. It can fully recharge two 2100mAh AA batteries in just 2.5 hours!

    Battery storage made simple

    It features built-in battery management to easily store and separate charged and uncharged batteries. With a tiny footprint that looks good anywhere, you can charge whenever you need, wherever you are.